General Sanchez Condemns Our Approach in Iraq: Will They Swift Boat Him Too?

Expect the liberal bloggers to tell you about this:

The former top commander of U.S. troops in Iraq slammed the handling of the war and gave a bleak assessment of the current situation in Iraq. “There is no question that America is living a nightmare with no end in sight,” retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez told a convention of military journalists on Friday. Sanchez commanded U.S. troops in Iraq from June 2003 to July 2004. His controversial tenure saw the capture of Saddam Hussein and the handover of sovereignty to the Iraqi government, but also the rise of the insurgency and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

General Sanchez also said:

“There was been a glaring and unfortunate display of incompetent strategic leadership within our national leaders,” he said, adding later in his remarks that civilian officials have been “derelict in their duties” and guilty of a “lust for power.”

Yes – General Sanchez has the courage to tell us the truth. OK, we all know what he says is true. But would you be willing to put up with what we know will be the GOP slime machine attacking this man who was brave enough to serve in Iraq and also brave enough to tell the truth?

Incidentally, I first heard this on CNN where a little sliming had already crept in. No – I do not want to see what Faux News is going to do to this patriot.

Update: Steve Benen points to Mark Sauer:

The generals acted independently, coming in their own ways to the agonizing decision to defy military tradition and publicly criticize the Bush administration over its conduct of the war in Iraq. What might be called The Revolt of the Generals has rarely happened in the nation’s history. In op-ed pieces, interviews and TV ads, more than 20 retired U.S. generals have broken ranks with the culture of salute and keep it in the family. Instead, they are criticizing the commander in chief and other top civilian leaders who led the nation into what the generals believe is a misbegotten and tragic war.

Steve wonders if RUSH will tag these generals to be phony soldiers.