Frank Gaffney: All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance

I must be dreaming! Jonathan Alter writes:

But shouldn’t we give peace a chance? Frank Gaffney thinks so. For two decades, it was impossible to out-hawk this guy on anything. Gaffney is still a bellicose Reaganite, but the “bomb now” crowd is apparently giving even some neocons serious pause. “We know there’s broad and deep popular support for our side in Iran,” Gaffney says. Bombing dispersed and deeply buried nuclear sites not only isn’t practical, it “would almost certainly drive the population into the arms of the [radical] mullahs.” To try something else first – something that Gaffney concedes might not work – his Center for Security Policy began agitating after 9/11 to “divest terror.”

Gaffney is right. But I would never expect such wisdom from him. Alas – something tells me that Dick Cheney is not listening to Frank this time.

On the divest Iran front – I’m not so sure this will have much of an economic effect but at least Frank is thinking about non-military means for achieving results. Good for him.