The Democratic Debate, Social Security, and Tim Russert

On this one – Kevin Drum says it all:

JUST SHOOT ME….Words you hope never to hear at a Democratic debate:

And now, Tim Russert is going to take us into a segment on Social Security.

Time to switch channels to Jeopardy…..

UPDATE: OK, I stuck with it anyway. Hillary’s answer on Social Security wasn’t really very persuasive, but still, it was nice to hear both her and Obama flatly say that SS is not in any kind of crisis.

What? A Democratic politician said something accurate about this issue and Russert did not go off with “no, no, no, no, no”?

Update: Kevin Drum is on a roll:

Garance is right: the moderators need to figure out a way to illuminate the differences between the candidates, not just play gotcha against one of them. First step: get rid of Tim Russert. Ugh. He’s a terrible interviewer and a terrible moderator. Second step: put together a panel of Paul Krugman, Brad DeLong, and Greg Mankiw to moderate a debate on economic issues. Find equally eminent subject matter experts to moderate debates on other subjects. Ditch the pundits and news anchors entirely.

Kevin was noting this from Garance Franke-Ruta. Kevin is right – it’s time NBC fire Tim Russert entirely. I’ve been saying this about his pathetic hosting of what used to be a fine Sunday show – Meet the Press. But then NBC made the awful decision of letting Russert be the host each Sunday morning.