CNN’s “Fair and Balanced” Reporting on Gore et al. Getting the Nobel Peace Prize

CNN must be trying to outdo Fox News. Their banner page said this:

The decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and environmental scientists has incensed some readers while pleasing others. While Robert Ellis of Ohio says the award is “well-deserved”, Matthew Whitley of North Carolina says the peace prize is now a “laughingstock.”

The actual story was not much better: asked readers to share their thoughts on the Nobel Prize, global warming and Gore’s selection. The response was overwhelming. Many readers offered congratulations to the former vice president, while others expressed disdain for him. Some readers said it was a poor choice, while others flat out dismissed global warming as pseudoscience. Below is a selection of those responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity:

Roy Woodcock of Rochester, Washington
What a disgraceful choice. Al Gore has promoted bad science and dishonesty, but done nothing to promote peace. I must conclude that his selection is based on pure politics.

George Burns of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
I can only imagine how upset Bill “looking for my legacy” Clinton is that he didn’t win it. Mr. Clinton really thought he had a chance at it when he tried to broker piece between [Yasser] Arafat and [Ehud] Barak. Arafat, another Nobel Peace Prize winner, rejected Barak’s offer of everything Arafat wanted. … Jimmy Carter, another Nobel Peace Prize winner, got North Korea to “promise” to terminate their nuclear weapons program. How’d that work out?

OK – the next one was congratulatory but that was followed by reactions from two other rightwingers. I would suspect that one might do better polling those who listen to Rush Limbaugh. Global warming is real and Al Gore has shown courage and foresight. But what does CNN do? Interview the Swift Boat crowd. Pathetic!

Update: And I thought CNN was pathetic. I forgot about the National Review crowd. Iain Murray:

How about that well known peace campaigner Osama Bin Laden, who implicitly endorsed Gore’s stance – and that of the Nobel committee – in his September rant from the cave

Mark Levin:

I can’t think of anyone who has done more to bring peace to this world – from Rwanda to the Sudan, from Burma to North Korea – than Al Gore.

KLo provides a picture. She earlier agreed with Rush Limbaugh that the prize should go to General Petraus.

Lacking an ounce of intelligence, one would think they’d have just a little class. Well, at least today they are beating up on an adult and not some 12-year old kid!