Clinton v. Giuliani in the Battle of California

The NYTimes discusses the background:

The proposed measure here would ask voters to apportion electoral votes by Congressional district, potentially giving the 2008 Republican nominee 20 of the state’s 55 votes — the rough equivalent of winning Illinois or Pennsylvania – in this otherwise reliably Democratic state. Such a change could amount to a seismic shift in the nation’s electoral dynamics, potentially springboarding a Republican into the White House, and the possibility has animated hopeful Republicans and fearful Democrats.

If this were to be done on a nationwide basis, it might be a good idea. But the GOP is not pushing this in Texas or any other red state. Go figure. I wonder who would have won the 2000 election if this proposed system had been established for all 50 states. But the real story is how Team Rudy was driving this initiative and how Team Hillary was working to stop it. This part got my attention:

The group initiated a complaint with the Federal Election Commission questioning the ties of the measure’s supporters to Mr. Giuliani, largely because Mr. Singer did not immediately reveal himself to be the donor behind the effort.

Team Rudy not being honest? What do we tell the children? Now you might point out that Team Hillary also played rough here. And it looks like this partisan piece of GOP garbage will not be accepted by Californian voters. Team Rudy seems to think that the evil genius politics of Karl Rove will make their guy our next President. But it seems Team Rudy may have that one wrong as well.