Now You Tell Us!

The city where I lived most of my adult life recently suffered a devastating flood, after a series of smaller floods earlier this year (global warming anyone?).

The flood exceeded the 100 year flood plain and flooded places that have not been flooded in recorded history. The city needs a great deal of help.

Every once in a while Senator George Voinovich has an outburst of un-politician like honesty.

Yesterday George was touring and meeting city officials and he let loose with this:

Excerpted from the Toledo Blade……..

Voinovich: War taking up funds Findlay need

FINDLAY – Federal help to prevent future flooding in Findlay and Ottawa is limited because the United States is waging a costly war in Iraq, U.S. Sen. George Voinovich said yesterday.

Even if the United States stopped fighting in Iraq today, the bill likely would reach $1 trillion. However, President Bush has trimmed infrastructure-related budgets – those that deal with items such as rivers, highways, and bridges – because they are too costly, the Ohio Republican said during a visit to Findlay.

“We just aren’t in the real world and until people wake up to that fact, we’re not going to be able to take care of problems like yours,” he told Findlay Mayor Tony Iriti and Ottawa Mayor Ken Maag. The senator added: “I’m going to do what I can to be of help to you.”……………..

Senator Voinovich visited with federal, state, and local officials to get a report on how agencies worked together during the last month’s disaster.