Healthcare Part XI – Hillary Care a Patchwork Quilt

“Hillary Care” is a strange patchwork quilt, a plan surely designed by a committee, a political committee at that.

It is disappointing in its timidity but brash in its promises:

Timid –

traditional private insurance is largely left alone, although re-regulated.

Brash – how about this promise?

“Insurance and Drug Companies: insurance companies will end discrimination based on pre-existing conditions or expectations of illness and ensure high value for every premium dollar; while drug companies will offer fair prices and accurate information.” (emphasis mine)

How any politician could promise such results, without hyper regulating these sectors, or nationalizing both, is way beyond me. If so, why not just a national plan?

The plan [ ] is just all over the place, trying to please everyone it seems.

Hillary promises more efficient use of private insurance dollars, and I don’t know how she does that short of nationalizing the health insurance industry – and come to think of it, a lot of people wanted her to do just that.

This plan is just weird, a something-for-everyone buffet line of promises.

Deja veux all over again.