Bush Rebuts Greenspan’s Critique of Fiscal Policy

My title is the title of a WSJ op-ed from Henry Pulizzi:

Saying he “respectfully” disagrees with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s recent criticism, President Bush defended his administration’s fiscal record and said his tax cuts helped the U.S. fend off recession and reduce massive deficits. “Our fiscal record is admirable and good. After all, the deficit as a percentage of GDP is low relative to the 30-year average,” Mr. Bush said in an interview with the Fox News Channel. I would also argue that cutting taxes … made a significant difference in dealing with the deficit because the growing economy yielded more tax revenues, which allowed us to shrink the deficit.

My apologies to AB readers for repeating Mr. Pulizzi’s title as it is complete and utter BS. Bush did not rebut anything. Hat tip to Mark Thoma for reminding us that real economists – which excludes Lawrence Kudlow but does include Bush’s “own economists” – do not believe in the free lunch supply-side crap that certain GOP politicians routinely utter. Henry Pullizi should be ashamed of himself for suggesting that George W. Bush rebutted in any way what Alan Greenspan has recently said.

I have a question for the either incredibly stupid or dishonest Henry Pullizi – shouldn’t the fact that Bush went on Faux News been a big clue that his statements were just stupid partisan garbage? Seriously – how dumb is this Mr. Pullizi?