What Comes Four Years After Invading Iran?

Here’s Bolton agitating for an attack on Iran. This seems to be the latest feel-good plan from the folks who brought us Iraq. The cheerleaders seem to have started agitating for it a while back, and now its a main-stream meme.

Which raises the question… given what a hash the administration made of Afghanistan and Iraq, given how thinly stretched US forces are, with what exactly are they planning to hit Iran? Seriously? And considering that Iraq is a different magnitude of problem than Afghanistan, and Iran is a different magnitude of problem than Iraq, what’s the next step that the guys like Victor Davis Hanson and the Donald Kagan have in mind when Iran is thoroughly screwed up? Four years from now, if Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani are in the Oval Office, and US troops are bogged down in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, what’s the bigger better nexter thing? Invade India? Since getting the folks who had anything to do with 9/11 is not on agenda, it frees up all kinds of possibilities to people who like to play Risk.