Unions Can Do Marvelous Things

Michael Rubin does not seem to be too happy with a particular strike:

Air Greenland went out on a sudden strike yesterday just two days before the last flight to the United States. It’s stranded about 60 Americans (and a number of others) around a region where there are no intra-town roads. The Air Greenland office in town is refusing to help with rescheduling those here and the Greenland travel folks in Copenhagen are no where to be found. We seem to be pawns, all the more so since there doesn’t seem to be enough hotel rooms in town for everyone. Even if the strike ends, it will take a bit to get all the various travelers to the single airport that can handle jets to the U.S. or Europe. There is only one internet accessible computer at the hotel and a long line, so, long story short, no Iran News Round Ups for a little while until I can find my way back from Ilulissat.

Kevin Drum appears to be elated:

SEND THEM ALL TO A COLD AND DESOLATE PLACE AND THEN STRAND THEM … Air Greenland finally solves the wingnut pundit problem. Thanks guys!