Revenge of the Rustbelt?

Michigan is in the 6th year of a 1 year recession. Job losses and record foreclosures continue, and continue, and continue.

As the domestic auto industry falters, George Bush and Nancy Pelosi are willing to toss the Big 3 and the UAW overboard in order to create some sort of global warming legacy.

So what to do?

The political parties in Michigan are likely to cut a deal to abandon the presidential caucus system and go to a January 15th primary.

Rumor is the poo-bahs (both parties) in Washington are not happy, and may call for a candidate boycott of Michigan. The Democrats have to be careful, given the damage of crossing two “D” senators and the UAW.

The early Michigan primary could force New Hampshire and Iowa to adjust again, maybe going into December.

(Lot’s of people are sick of Iowa and NH having disproportionate influence.)

All of this begs for a coherent primary system, which is not likely unless 2008 is a total disaster, which could happen.