Rats Leaving the Ship

First, Karl Rove resigns – and now it is Gonzo:

Bush’s chief of staff has asked anyone in the Administration who is planning to leave before the end of Bush’s presidency to let him know before Labor Day this year. And the departure also comes conveniently at the tail end of the August doldrums, with Washington still on summer recess and much of the country on vacation. Better to make the move now, the White House figured, than wait for Congress to return and perhaps renew its campaign to oust Gonzales. “You’re not going to make a decision with the tip of a bayonet in your face,” says a former senior official. Some White House watchers are pointing to another factor in Gonzales’s departure: the resignation earlier this month of Bush’s longtime adviser, Karl Rove.

Rove is getting out of Dodge for the same reason Gonzo is getting out. The Congressional inquiries are getting too hot for this White House. There is still a week to go before Labor Day – so let’s just sit back and watch for what other Administration rats bail out.