Max Sawicky’s Last Economic Snapshot

Titled Bush tax cuts make balancing the budget, funding benefits an impossibility and well summarized by Kevin Drum:

Over the next ten years, which is a bigger hit to the budget deficit: (a) out-of-control entitlement spending or (b) the Bush tax cuts?

If you answered (b) – you got it! But I think Kevin goofed here:

Be sure to keep this in mind the next time Paul Samuelson or some likeminded “centrist” pundit wails about bipartisan cowardice on entitlement spending but somehow doesn’t find the time to mention unipartisan lunacy on taxes.

The “pundit” is named Robert and he is no relation to Paul or could be called Robert “not Paul’s brother” Samuelson. AB readers likely realize I often use this dig when Robert Samuelson gets goofy. Well – every time I did, I should have sent a royalty check to Max Sawicky as he coined this dig. Max – we will miss you.