Fulford, Stamford Bridge, Hastings, Iraq, and a Resurgent Russia

For those yammering on about how we have to stay in Iraq to “fight them there so we don’t fight them here” despite the fact that what is going on “over there” is a multi-sided Civil War in which we are arming several sides, all of whom would happily use those weapons against US troops should the opportunity arise, let me share a few random facts…

1. On September 20, 1066, invading Norwegian forces under King Harald III defeated the armies of two English Earls at the Battle of Fulford. For a while, it looked like Harald might take over England.
2. On September 25, 1066, after a forced march, King Harold (of England) surprised King Harald (of Norway), destroying the unprepared invading forces at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.
3. On September 28, 1066, William of Normandy arrived with his army and laid claim to the land. Upon hearing the news, Harold, whose forces had not had time to recover from the battle, marched to intercept.
4. October 14, 1066, Harold’s forces caught up with William and were beaten at the Battle of Hastings. William, of course, became known as William the Conqueror.

A few comments… Harald’s defeat to Harold may have been partly due to the efforts associated with victory five days earlier. Similarly, Harold’s defeat to William may well be partly attributable to the earlier battle between Harold and Harald.

So to the belligerent folks who see enemies all around and who insist that there is something going on in Iraq that is worth the blood and treasure being expended… I suggest reading this story and
this story. And then ask yourself… how much of a threat are the various sides in the Iraqi Civil War to us after all?