Emerging GOP consensus that War on Terror is being waged in the passive voice!

Josh Marshall says this was the alternative headline for this post:

I think it’s a measure of how brain dead the Republicans have become on the “war on terror” that their big puffing or policy statements on the issue now most often amount to bizarre and sometimes incomprehensible grammatical reformulations or, failing that, reorderings of sentence structure. So for example, now you have Mitt Romney saying, “There’s not a global war on terror. There’s a global war being waged by the terrorists and if I am president, there will be a global war waged on the terrorists and we will win.” This comes after Rudy’s insistence on rebranding the War on Terror as the “Terrorists’ War on Us.” … Their perplexity and paralysis in the face of reality is making them look like one of those alien computers or robots at the end of one of the old Star Trek episodes where Capt. Kirk hits them with too much kick-ass logic and smoke starts to come out of their ears and then they explode.

The title of his post was Global War on Verbs. I find it this not only really funny but also quite telling for a simple reason. RUDY has adopted the habit of word searching Democratic speeches on Iraq-istan (my term for how insists that the nations of Afghanistand and Iraq are the same issue as if Saddam Hussein equals Osama bin Laden) so that he can point out that we Democrats don’t use exactly the same words the GOP does. And since we don’t talk like RUDY, we don’t care about battling terrorism. After all, RUDY thinks we are all “losers” – a term my son used too much when he was three years old but outgrew by this fourth birthday. Such has become the juvenile campaign of RUDY – with all due apologies to real children who are generally much smarter than these brain dead Republicans.