Does Rudy Giuliani Think Andrew Samwick is a Liberal Democrat

I’m watching the Republican Iowa Debates and as usual, the only person on the stage that isn’t pandering to the rightwing with serial dishonesty is Ron Paul.

Rudy Giuliani was asked how he would raise funds to rebuild our aging infrastructure such as our bridges. His answer was cut tax rates. He kept repeating that is a “liberal Democratic assumption” that raising tax rates will lead to more revenues. It would seem that Andrew Samwick rejects this Laffer curve nonsense. Greg Mankiw generally rejects this nonsense, but his candidate echoed Giuliani’s nonsense. I wonder if these two clowns think all economists are liberal Democrats?

OK, you might argue that Lawrence Kudlow and Donald Luskin believe in the Laffer curve but if Rudy Giuliani thinks that these two clowns are economists, he is not qualified to be President. Then again – most of the folks on this panel are saying the Fair Tax is a great policy proposal. Oh wait – Brownback just touted his optional flat tax. What a bunch of IDIOTS.