Cactus’ First Law

Given the recent Larry Craig story, and how much it resembles a lot of other stories in recent months, I started thinking about a post in which I remarked…

(if someone else has said this before, forgive me, if not, I’ll be happy to claim this as “cactus’ 1st law”) that those who talk a lot about ethics, morality, or patriotism generally have none.

Since nobody has claimed it yet, I’m going to claim it once and for all as cactus’ first law.

Which leads to the following thoughts. The Republican party bills itself as the party of family and morality. As per cactus’ first law, over the past decade there have been a whole bunch of Republicans snagged for sex scandals. (Several were in the forefront of making jabs at Clinton, thus adding hypocrisy into the mix.) This includes elected representatives, as well as officials of the Republican Party. And a seemingly high proportion of these scandals involve homosexual conduct, which seems to the big no-no if you listen to what Republicans say.

(I’m focusing on sex and morality, but of course we all can come up with examples in other areas…)

So a few questions…

1. How often does cactus’ first law hold?
2. How can you differentiate a true believer (in whatever area) from a violator of cactus’ first law? (My guess… the true believers are the ones who are quiet about, hence the phrasing of the law.)
3. In what way are the Democrats living up (or down) to cactus’ first law?