At Least Richard Miniter Allows Rebuttal Comments

Max Sawicky is having a good last week including this:

Richard Miniter of Pajamas Media is a douchebag. He posted a drive-by attack on me, then wouldn’t allow me to post a relatively civil comment in response. Since he got only one comment, evidently nobody reads him so it doesn’t matter.

Sort of remind everyone of a troll that hangs around here – except our troll has never got a single comment on any of his stupid blog posts. But let’s check out what Richard said:

Over at Pajamas Media’s main page, a guy named Max Sawicky- some blogosphere big shot – is making a fool out of himself … All of the “threats” to gays, women and free-thinkers that he cites are of citizens exercising their constitutional rights to free speech, assemby and petition (now called lobbying). In other words, the “threats” come from people who peacefully disagree with Sawicky. And THAT is more dangerous that terrorism, which has killed some 3,000 Americans in the past six years?

I see. The theocrat party pushes for government restrictions on individual choices and this meat head calls this an exercise of free speech? But it does seem that Max was able to eventually get his comment posted over at Miniter’s place. Something you cannot do over at the blog of our favorite troll.