Reader Sammy on Healthcare

This one is by reader Sammy…


Health Care in America 2006 Survey

This ABC News/Kaiser Family Foundation/USA Today survey has a lot of interesting information about the public (who incidentally vote) opinion of the Health Care situation in this country. There is a lot of “survey support” for some form of Universal Health Care for those supporters here.

But the most telling survey result to me is the juxtoposition of Chart 2 “How Satisfied are you with each of the following?”

(Note from cactus… I took the liberty of modifying Sammy’s post slightly by putting the results in table form.)

(This depicts a system that is delivering high quality )

With Chart 1 “Are you satisfied/dissatisfied with….

Total cost of health care 18% Satisfied
Quality of health care in this country 44% Satisfied

In other words when asked about their own personal health care experience with quality (89% satisfied) and cost (57% satisfied) they are pretty strongly positive, compared to when asked about their perceptions of other peoples health care with quality (44% satisfied) and cost (18% satisfied).

Why the disconnect? Could it be that these perceptions are being created through the liberal and bad news-oriented media, and by politicians seeking to get votes by exaggerating a problem? Are we being conned into turning over our health system to the government?


Regular readers know I disagree with Sammy on a lot of issues. I’ll post my response in comments.