PlameGate Aftermath: Why is Larry Johnson Getting David Brooks a New Mail Box

It seems that Jim Lehrer choose to endure David Brooks on News Hour:

And my rationale was this – and I think it was the same as the president’s – that Scooter Libby did lie. He did commit perjury. And, so, he deserves to be punished. He deserved the past two years of disgrace, and maybe he deserved six months in prison. But this – that crime was surrounded by a vast circus of hypocrisy and partisan dishonesty

What? David Brooks is about to blast the right for their circus of hypocrisy and partisan dishonesty? Oh no, I interrupted him in the middle of his sentence:

starting with the original case, which was allegedly about outing a CIA agent, when it was never really about that, because, once it turned out that was Richard Armitage, nobody cared anymore, and then the hypocrisy over whether somebody should go to jail for perjury, with Democrats saying one thing with Clinton, another thing with Libby

Couldn’t someone tell Mr. Brooks that a CIA agent WAS outed? And that Richard Armitage blundered himself into the middle of Dick Cheney’s scheme is irrelevant. Of course, Bill Clinton was not involved with PlameGate but David has to go to the standard rightwing well.

It also seems that Larry Johnson has to endure the fact that David Brooks moved into his neighbor. I suspect Larry was rather angry at a recent oped by David Brooks until he read the suggested edits from David Corn. Check out Larry’s letter to his new neighbor. In case, you are wondering about the title of this post, Larry explains.

One of the claims that Mr. Brooks made – which is another rightwing favorite talking point – is how Joe Wilson lied in his NY Times oped. Just in case you missed out this claim has been thoroughly debunked – Josh Marshall goes over this one more time. For all his smiling and soft talk – it has been well established that David Brooks is as dishonest as the rest of these water carriers for this corrupt White House. So why on earth does PBS invite this hack on their shows? Maybe they feel sorry for him as he can’t even get a decent mail box without help from a neighbor.