Men in Black III Starring Jerry Bowyer and Neil Cavuto

I have to confess – I love the Men in Black movies. So many really silly lines, so little time. Men in Black II had agent K working at a post office where many of the employees just happened to be aliens. Well, in Men Black III, we might see J & K replaced with Jerry Bowyer and Neil Cavuto with one of the premises that the US health care system has been nationalized and is being run by aliens. Or was that terrorists? Amanda previews the script:

A state run health care enterprise is bureaucratic, and I think the terrorists have shown over and over again, whether it’s dealing with INS or whether it’s dealing with airport security, they’re very good at gaming the system with bureaucracies. They’re very good at getting around bureaucracies.…And if one of your guys is a jihadist, if one of your doctors is spending all the time online reading Osama bin Laden fatwas, someone’s going to notice that. But the National Health Service is more like the post office, you know there’s a lot of anonymity, it’s easy to hide in the bureaucracy.

Come to think of it – the producers of Men in Black are not this stupid.