Secret Identity

For a few reasons, I expect my my identity will become public in the next few months. I figured I’d beat the rush and maybe even take advantage of the situation.

Anyway, to begin, I’m nobody special. Regular readers may recall that I’m a consultant. I do a lot of statistical work for which the end user is the military or NASA, and some business analytics / strategy work for private companies. I’m trying to up the latter as much as possible.

The Ex-GF has been helping me put up a new website which gives a bit better description of what I do. (Pretty good domain name, eh? I guess someone let it lapse.) I usually operate solo, but I also work with some other consulting firms when I have something that’s too big for me alone.

OK. So… what do I do to get more private sector business? I find I’m pretty good at marketing, but not so good at marketing myself. I’m not even that great at getting myself in front of the right people. What do I need to do different? Comments, suggestions, contributions, donations, referrals, projects, are all welcome.