ILSM on General Douglas Lute

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Lt Gen Douglas Lute:

New York Times: 7 June 2007, General Tells Senate U.S. Must Prevail in Iraq.

America’s at war and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan represent what we in the military call the main effort in the long war.

Main effort means major expenditure or cost centers in long profit campaign to bankrupt America. This guy is talking about costs and tells nothing of the value we should expect. In most decision scenarios the decision makers ask what are the benefits.

For this administration and congress the only benefits are for their contributors in the military industrial complex.

Then Lute says we have no idea that what we are doing will get to “must prevail”.

The next Lute quote is:

Conditions on the ground are deeply complex and are likely to continue to evolve, meaning that we will need to constantly adapt.

Which is a misleading way of saying: what we are doing today has no connection to any outcome, other than spending scarce resources, and avoiding the inevitable defeat. There is no strategy, so operations and tactics are meaningless as well.

Long war is only beneficial for war profiteers.