Hospital Issues Part I: The Tragedy at King/Harbor

The news is full of stories on the tragedy at King/Harbor (fka King/Drew) Hospital.

A woman with a perforated bowel laid on the floor in her own vomit and died while the staff ignored or insulted her.

To those of us in the healthcare business, this is no surprise, because King/Drew has been a disaster area for years and years.

So why is it still open?


To be fair to the politicians, much of the impetus to keep the hospital open has been the need to keep a hospital in that geographical area. Nothing wrong with that.

But if the hospital is to stay open someone has to have a commitment to fixing the problems and keeping them fixed. This requires daily attention for years and maybe decades.

Politicians are not very good at long term commitments.

I understand the politicians have done a good job of protecting jobs, including those of incompetent employees. There will never be quality care until that ends, but is unlikely. This is one of the failings of some politicians, especially on the labor-left.

So if you live in the King/Harbor area, what is your preference?

1) keep King/Harbor open, because a lousy hospital is better than nothing
2) close King/Harbor, and hope the ambulance drivers can drive really fast

Not much of a choice.

Update: The State of California has started proceedings to revoke K/H’s license.