CoRev on Military Recruiting and the MSM

CoRev posted this at his blog and asked if it could be posted here too. I’ll do it, but only because I have some comments at the end.


In the military there are shaped charges to maximize damage. In the
Main Stream Media there are shaped articles to create the same results.
Here’s the lede:

Army Sees First Big Slip In Recruiting in
2 Years

Big Slip?

Inside the article we find this:

The Army fell short of its
recruiting goal for May, its first significant slip in two

Not only the first ?significant? slip in two years
we find that the other services met or exceeded their goal for the
month, (and the past two years?). And what was that HUGE deficit?

The Army signed up 5,101 recruits. That was short of its goal of

for those math challenged among us that is 399
less than projected. 399 is “Big” or “significant”?

I think not when we find this in the very same article.

is historically a difficult month to recruit,” said Maj. Anne Edgecomb,
an Army spokeswoman, citing high school graduation and other spring
events that tend to make it harder to attract recruits….

The Marine Corps had a banner month in May, signing up 2,225 recruits,
many more than its goal of 1,665. The Navy hit exactly its target of
2,709, and the Air Force met its goal of 2,451.

I think the Guard Units are still having some trouble recruiting. the
article provided this piece of information that confirms that thought.

The Army National Guard met 88 percent of its goal and the
Air National Guard met 77 percent of its goal.

All of
this from the WaPo here.


The problem with CoRev’s post is that he’s looking only at this year. Standards have already dropped. I don’t have time to go look at a .mil site right now, but I think CoRev is ignoring a few details about military recruiting, namely that the military is ignoring a few details about a number of its recruits these days.