CoRev on Man’s Impact on Global Warming

Reader CoRev has posted this at his blog and asked that it be cross-posted here. Let it not be said that I won’t post something with which I disagree. Also, some feel I shouldn’t put in comments at the bottom of a post with which I disagreed so any comments by me will be in the comment section only.

So here’s the beginning of CoRev’s post.

For several years now we have heard of global warming/climate change. Is it happening? Absolutely, measurements around the world prove it. The latest theory is that it is caused by man’s creation of CO2, and this 3% addition to the atmosphere has caused this rise in temperature.

No questions, yet?

Well, this skeptic has started a survey of California weather stations. You know, those official cites reporting temperature being used the the OFFICIAL temperature models. His report after reviewing just a handful is interesting. More interesting is his pictures of stations.


Note from cactus. Apologies, but I’m kind of swamped right now and I don’t have time to import all the pictures. Be advised that there are some interesting photos (Nooooo! Not that interesting. They’re work safe.) and accompanying verbage at CoRev’s post. Its worth a look.