Reader Dan on Water: Part 5

Reader Dan insists very seriously that this one has a bit of tongue in cheek.


Transport of water as an issue that the Romans ignored. They failed because they could not get the lead out.

Bruce Webb’s comments on water transport got me to thinking a bit. Water transport could be considered getting water from point A to Point B. I know, what can you expect from a mental health guy. As I have progressed in research, drinking water and agricultural use of water were separated because closed pipe systems need to be treated differently from other from other systems.

It occurred to me that transport then includes the urban system network of closed pipes, and that leakage is part of the system. If true, then there is a problem. You run smack into the huge expense of leakage and how to get the money to repair old systems. Jolly England grapples with their market. The southwest urban users have a big problem as well, because what happens if water becomes truly expensive and infrastructure becomes worthwhile to repair. All of a sudden we seem to have real problems as prices rise due to what… relative scarcity?

Run for the oceans is a reasonable response if ignoring unintended consequences for what would be extraordinary demand on the ocean, but is limited to lower elevations and such as described here. Except there still is the same kind of problems we see from any source.

Which brings me to bottled water experiment in England and elsewhere that saves us money. Fiji water itself is not so expensive, is it? $1.50? Free water one place transported to richer areas. What impact does this have on winners and losers? Does Fiji water actually come from Fiji, or are empty containers made somewhere else, and local tap water used to fill them? Beats transporting the stuff and local tap water is cheap.

There are a number of notions to consider in further posts, but the next will try to summarize after comments. I have not introduced examples of disasters and failures yet because I would like to have some honest and viable successes to explore. Any help?


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