Mal-distribution of Labor

It is no secret I live in a region with too few jobs in total and too many low quality jobs.

Recently I’ve been traveling through regions with much healthier economies.

I have background in construction (working and consulting) and hospitality (consulting), so I tend to notice activity in those industries.

No big surprise – there is a worker shortage in prosperous areas, and that shortage is clearly being filled with undocumented workers, quite openly (I teach employment screening techniques to employers, so that is not hot air). They are by and large very hard working and very nice people (although someone needs to teach the hotel maids what “do not disturb” means especially when grandpa and grandma are well, you know…….sleeping).

These questions come to mind:

1) Is the mal-distribution of labor a justification for wide spread violation of the immigration, documentation and tax laws by workers and employers?

2) Should the federal government be doing more about the mal-distribution, or is it just a market issue?

3) Should the government be doing more about regional economies, as a cure for the mal-distribution?

This is timely due to the recent compromise on immigration reform.

So what do you think? Your thoughts?