Does the Governor of Georgia Know How the Iraq War Began?

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution talks to Sonny Perdue right after he was Bill Bennett’s guest:

In fact, in Spiro Agnew-like fashion, the governor encouraged nattering nabobs of negatism to put a lid on the loose talk. Perdue acknowledged that the going in Iraq has been tough. But, he said, “until you’ve got a better idea, keep your mouth shut.”

Lovely! But just in case you thought this was the stupidest thing he said all day, let’s continue:

“This president did not choose war. He chose to protect the United States of America, and I’m thankful that he did,” Perdue said.

Protect America from what? Saddam Hussein did not have an active nuclear program and he was not cooperating with Al Qaeda. Any intelligent person would have know that before March 19, 2003 – and we all know he had no WMDs. But I wonder if the governor knows that March 19, 2003 was “a time of our own choosing” according to George W. Bush.

But this is the same state that sent Zell Miller to the Senate! Nothing against the Peach State but do you have to select political leaders that are as stupid as those clowns that the nation sent to the White House – twice?