"Aiming High" for Profits

But Star Wars has not hit anything yet.

Today the editors of National Review Online say:

“Missile defense is one of the signal accomplishments of the Bush administration and the Republican Congress, beginning with the successful pullout from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 and continuing through the deployment of a handful of ABMs in 2004. Neither of these events led to the arms race or breakdown in international relations that critics had predicted. Today, the United States is safer because it isn’t constrained by an outdated agreement and finally possesses a limited defense against missile attack.”

Finally after a hundred billion they have deployed missiles in Alaska and California which have never succeeded in getting through the entire set.

Just how limited is the Star Wars deployment?

Aiming is not hitting unless you are spending money which should not be spent.

Deploying untested stuff means scrap and rework in the future good work if the mean democrats do not get in the way and ask what can the thing hit?

And is there a threat out there that cannot be deterred or dealt with a bit less money.

The reason there is no arms race is two fold, one the rogue nations the new adversaries have no rockets to build, nor nuclear warheads, and two the guys who do have the weapons know Star Wars does not work.

Why race with fools?