What if…………

What if…..

we solved global warming and then discovered it was not the threat we thought it was?

What would be gained, what would be lost?

There would be costs to many industries, and adjustments in consumer habits and lifestyles.

The payoff would likely be in better fuels and more efficient transportation. We might even grab the brass ring and make progress on hydrogen fuels.

Why do I ask? There is not a complete consensus on the issue, and even those convinced of the problem are not completely in agreement about the scope of the problem.

So what do we have to win or lose by assuming there is a problem and attacking it?

One of the issues is the proverbial “whose ox gets gored?” Do we focus on the auto industry, do we mount a broader effort, do we attack this as a U.S. problem, do we try to lead, what do we do with those who lose economically due to our strategies, and what if a few make windfalls? Do we buy into Kyoto? Are we buying into a recession?

What do you all think?