Tony Blankley on the Imus Uproar

I have tried to stay away from this mess, but like Digby, I watched Tony Blankley outdo his usual stupidity on the McLaughlin Report. But Digby missed the worse part:

On the McLaughlin Report last night Tony Blankley repeatedly brought up the fact that “liberals” say horrible things about President Bush and Dick Cheney as a corollary to the Imus matter. To any sentient person, this is ridiculous, and Blankley is a total partisan so his views are tainted.

OK, this was as pathetic as Digby suggests. But when one of the sane members of the show said Imus was pulled because the sponsors told CBS they’d lose revenues, Blankey decided to compare Don Imus to Edward R. Murrow. OK, there was some concern that the March 19, 1954 show that entitled “A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy” would be controversial. But this show was real journalism at its best. What Don Imus said about those young women on the Rutgers basketball team was simply put – juvenile. For Blankey to equate Don Imus with Edward R. Murrow was simply put – stupid.