Senator Clinton’s Target

Federal Advisory and Support Services (A&AS)contractors would be Senator Clinton’s best target for cutting waste, fast and quick with no pain to the taxpayer. .

The way it works: the federal manager, or military offcer, has too much to do, poor baby, may not be all that competent to start with. The manager cannot figure out the fiction or how to write a position description to get the “right” person, how to make up unneeded skills and knowledge. It is easier to go to budget and get some money and write some tasking for the easy to convince contracting officer (whose job is secured by managing contracts) than to put up with the scrutiny from a manpower specialist who will demand you show that there really is work and that it is governmental function fulfilling your job responsibilities. You avoid the inspections and get some money and go of and acquire what you think you need in the form of non personal services.

Another benefit is you do not have to do performance plans, appraisals and manage these people. You soon forget they are doing non personal services and begin to use and abuse them like you would a civil servant. Better than a civil servant you can fire them with a word and so they never dare consider doing a Sam Damon or an ilsm on your bull and wishful thinking. They are there to make you look and feel good.

The tasks last only one year so each year you get more at ease, being supported by these servants, you add more phoney work, all you have to do is get the money. In the past several years that has been easy!!

The only negative thing about cutting these contracts is you will have to get the served to do some work.

Next post will be on labor categories.