Prosecutor Purge: Whoring Hatch Meets the Press

Josh Marshall who has been exposing the corrupt behavior of this White House in the prosecutor purge gets an email:

I was a bit surprised (and disappointed) that Tim Russert and Sen. Leahy let Sen. Hatch’s false “there isn’t a shred of evidence” of impropriety canard on MTP go unchallenged, when discussing purge-gate. A Republican former U.S. attorney testified to Congress (under oath, if I recall correctly) that two Republican congressmen called him in an attempt to influence his prosecutorial discretion to benefit one of those congressmen. That’s definitely at least a “shred” and more.

Josh replies:

I didn’t see this myself. But Sen. Hatch (R-UT) has shown pretty clearly that he doesn’t have enough respect for the proper administration of the Justice Department to even be on the Judiciary committee. None of his Republican colleagues on the committee have been so exclusively focused on carrying the White House’s water on this one at the expense of the rule of law.

Well I did watch the overheated, blowhard, and dishonest performance from Whoring Hatch in his appearance on Meet The Press. Two comments: (1) Josh is correct – Whoring Hatch has zero respect “for the proper administration of the Justice Department to even be on the Judiciary committee”. Heck – he has no respect for the truth; and (2) the fellow that emailed him is correct – Tim Russert was his usual worthless self as a Republican lied to his face because the Republican knew Russert would not ask the tough follow-up questions. Hatch lied to Russert over and over and got away with it. Wonder what told Whoring Hatch that he would get away with such pathetic behavior?

Memo to NBC: fire Russert. Fire him now!