Not a Moment To Spare

This story comes just in time.

TOWN OF ASHFORD — A long-time treasurer for the Town of Ashford was re-elected Tuesday despite the fact that he died March 20.

Don Grossen of Campbellsport — who served as town treasurer for 36 years — received 109 votes in the treasurer’s race. There were 12 votes cast for write-ins.

Grossen had a medical problem and his car traveled off Highway 41 near Highway 151 on March 20. He died at St. Agnes Hospital.

Town Clerk Tracy Flasch, who is assuming Grossen’s duties until a replacement is named, said the board has not decided how it will fill Grossen’s position.

“The chairman (Joe Koch) has said he’ll look at the election results and see what names were written in,” Flasch said. “Then we’ll do interviews with interested candidates. A few people have expressed an interest in the position.”

Given that Ashcroft caused GW fewer problems than Gonzalez, look for whoever came in second in this race to be the new AG.