Missing E-Mails – Par for the Course

Via Steve Benen, Glenn Greenwald has a story about how frequently this administration seems to lose documents at times when losing those documents is convenient.

Examples include:
1. E-mails on RNC servers
2. The “gap” in DOJ e-mails relating to the US Attorney firings
3. The video of Padilla being interrogated
4. From 2004, documents relating to the treatment of prisoners
5. 2,000 pages missing from a report provided to the Senate detailing abuses at Abu Ghraib
6. The gap in GW’s service record
7. The transcript of the Katrina video conference
8. Records of the interrogation of war protestors by the FBI

In several of these cases, the records themselves were alleged not exist in the first place, but turned up later when evidence of their existence was brought forward by third parties. One can only imagine what else has disappeared. Pretty nifty for an administration that claims the right to read everyone else’s private correspondence.