Jones Derangement Syndrome

I’ve had a few posts lately about Iraq. I noted my opinion is that as long as GW is President, there simply is not enough competence involved in running the war in Iraq for anything good to come of it. I’m told that a) that’s Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) and b) its not helpful.

Let’s change the story a bit. Say a guy called Jones was hired as Chief of Police of some city. Say also that the downtown area, like any other neighborhood in that particular city, had some crime. Some of this crime could be traced back to one particular miscreant. Say that Jones promised to clean up the crime, and to do at relatively low cost.

Now, its four years later. Crime has exploded. Car bombs are going off. People get kidnapped off the street, and their bodies are found – with drill-holes in their knee-caps and elbows several days later. The city’s infrastructure has fallen apart – there’s only electricity for a few hours a day. The locals have split up into gangs that hold full on shootouts, not only with each other but with Jones’ police force. And all along, Jones and his people have insisted things are getting better and better. And the cost of maintaining the police force has exploded.

Anyway, I can go on, but you get the picture. Now a question. Is it Jones Derangement Syndrome (JDS) to suggest that perhaps having Jones and his people in charge is part of the problem, and that as long as Jones is in charge, there will be no solution? And what would you think of the folks that insist on giving Jones a blank check yet again?