Institute the Draft

It is time to support the endless hold option of Bush’s policy.

It is time the nation mobilized, based on age and ability. It is time to provide the youth of the US with the opportunity to should the burden of citizenship, to protect the nation and implement the commander in chief’s war time orders Bush’s policies.

Joe Galloways said:

“If you aren’t prepared to invest your son or daughter in continuing this war, then it’s time for you to give some serious thought to how and when it can be ended, and what the candidates for president in 2008 are saying about an open-ended commitment of other Americans’ sons and daughters to a war we can’t afford and can’t win.”

If the outcome of this “war” is so critical, the pay off so necessary then invest your kids. For the duration.

No deferments, no daddy getting the kids off, national guard service is okay since they get rotated in, and no student deferments.

If you want to read more Joe Galloway go to Amoazon and look up We Were Soldiers…..

Joseph L. Galloway is former senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder Newspapers.