Conspiracy of Hope

Defense Acquisition Performance Assessment 21 Mar 2006:

Identifed a problem with the military industrial complex, a “conspiracy of hope”.

In the 1990’s a wizened old pro called it “undue optimism”. Been around for years and years. Comes from old soldierly trditions of the brotherhood and not questioning the power. The Melian dialog applies as well.

The assessment defines it as:

“industry” is encouraged to portray unrealistics costs, optimistic performance and understate risks. While the department is “encouraged” to accept these proposals.

The conspiracy is all know they are dealing in fallacy portrayed as fact, which is at best wishful thinking.

Sort of what I explained about the A-12, only in 1991 Dick Cheney could not let the normal process go on.

The words fraud, misrepresentation are never used. That would be an accurate description but they are not interested in watching out for the taxpayers’ dough , nor the success of our armed forces; they are interested in careers and jobs.

To point out the fraud is to betray the “brotherhood”.

I just finished a long book I had read in 1977. Here is my new favorite quote one, I have held subliminally since then:

“I am on the side of reality, and against horse shit and wishful thinking”. Sam Damon Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer.

I now know where I got my rebellious thoughts over the past 30 years.

However, if you break the code and speak out the brotherhood destroys you.