The War, Incompetence, and its Result

Steve Benen has a story today about how all those munitions left unguarded (unlike the Oil Ministry, of course) in the wake of the invasion of Iraq are now being used to target US troops. Via Kevin Drum, Blue Girl Red State has more. She quotes from a GAO report:

The human, strategic, and financial costs of this failure to provide sufficient troops have been high, with IEDs made with looted munitions causing about half of all U.S. combat fatalities and casualties in Iraq and killing hundreds of Iraqis and contributing to increasing instability, challenging U.S. strategic goals in Iraq.

Put another way… because GW and Rummy and company thought it wasn’t as important to guard munitions dumps as it was to guard the Oil Ministry in Baghdad, US troops and Iraqi civilians are dying today. And will die tomorrow.

Why anyone trusts GW to continue running this war I have no idea. (Consider that my one comment on the War appropriation bill.)