Waiting for the News

So this clueless Bear wakes up at 5:30 AM Pacific all excited about the latest employment news but then I see a comment from one ddickson that the news will not come out until March 9. Now had I bothered to the BLS Publication Schedule , I could have slept in.

Speaking of waiting, Traitorgate Central reports on the latest notes from that jury would decided to take an early weekend. Christy Hardin Smith closes with this thought:

And that, come Monday, their heads will have cleared and they will all realize that they are thinking to much about minutiae. And I’m wondering if Judge Walton’s response might be to sequester them come Monday, to speed that along a bit.

And I’m wondering if Las Vegas will start taking bets on whether the Libby verdicts will come before or after we learn about the employment situation for February 2007.