View of a Highway Patrol Car

The Ex-Girlfriend and I were driving home today – we were on the 14 freeway close to where it merges into the 5 headed into Los Angeles around 3:30 this afternoon. As we passed one of the onramps, we noted that there was something – a sofa or something similar – in the middle of one of the onramps we passed by. It was large enough and solid enough (at least it looked solid enough) that, had any car hit it, there would have been some serious damage. Cars on the onramp were going around the thing, whatever it was. Interestingly enough (to us, at least), one of the cars that went around it was a highway patrol car.

The highway patrol car never stopped, never even slowed down. Now perhaps it was headed somewhere in a hurry. Its possible, but it didn’t have its lights on, and it appeared to us to begin the usual highway patrol car activity (i.e., patrolling for speeders) once it got on the road.

Both the Ex-Girlfriend and I were surprised it did not stop to clear or at least mark the debris. I guess the fact that we were surprised is a good thing, and speaks to what we’ve come to expect from the highway patrol. It is a pity that some other things we see reasonably often don’t surprise us.