Jumping off save the rustbelt’s; “Disaffected 50 Something’s”: an older guy I know in his mid to late 50’s (okay he is a year older than me) recently divorced his second wife. It was a relatively short marriage entered into a few years after his first marriage, which was a long term marriage with the kids raised and gone, ended in divorce. Several of his associated, not me I do not believe in remarriage at all (I prefer to keep the GF a GF), advised against it.

Here it is, less than 3 years and paradise has been lost.

One of the motivations for this fellow to enter into matrimony was the “young” lady was not covered at her work by health insurance. There was a certain economic reason for entering into the marriage rather than living together in bliss. The problem for my pal is to help her out with medical insurance when the relationship went sour he needs to get a divorce.

What are the economic incentives for marriage? Why should the state demand a contract such as a marriage license for one person to take care of another?

Are there more divorces than needed due to economic incentives for marriage?