Spam, and Another Angry Bear

Here’s an article claiming that 75% of all blogs are spam.

According to this study the top 15 doorway domains consist of 14 domains, where the spam percentage is over 74%. This means that in four search results of current study, three sites turned out to be spam. The researchers scanned 1000 most searched queries: ‘phentermine’ on and the query ‘ringtone’ on The WebmasterWorld experts easily identified more than a half of the search results as spam.

In an unrelated topic, I did some google searching of my own and found out that Angry Bear is not unique. Or rather, this isn’t the only Angry Bear blog. Here’s another blog called Angry Bear. I don’t know who Rhys Prosser is – to be honest, I’m not sure if Rhys is a man’s name or a woman’s name, but it seems whoever it is just launched Angry Bear.