Social Security: Another What Trust Fund Rant from the National Review

Carrie Lukas is suggesting Speaker Pelosi doesn’t care about her grandchildren:

Unfortunately, things are only getting worse. When Speaker Pelosi’s youngest grandchild (born just as the Democrats were taking over Congress) turns ten, Social Security will be taking in less from payroll taxes than will be needed for benefits. Social Security then will turn to its so called “trust fund,” which simply means that Social Security will demand a portion of general tax revenues to supplement payroll taxes. By 2040, when the Speaker’s 33-year-old grandchild will likely be entrenched in the workforce and trying to raise Pelosi’s great-grandchildren, Social Security will require the equivalent of 17 percent of payroll, or taxes nearly 40-percent higher than they are today.

I don’t know if Ms. Lukas has children. If she does, could someone else teach her kids public finance? Either Ms. Lukas is too stupid to or she is willing to lie – at least to her National Review leaders. Psst kids – you know that savings account that mommy is keeping for you? Hire an independent auditor to make sure mommy isn’t raiding it.