So Jonah Goldberg Doesn’t Like the Amazon Review of Liberal Fascism

Belle Waring has been reading some of Jonah Goldberg’s dumber posts (so much material, so little time) and comes across this:

My book isn’t like Dinesh’s latest book. It isn’t like any Ann Coulter book. It isn’t what the Amazon description says or what the Economist claims it is. Or what Frank Rich imagines it is. It is a very serious, thoughtful, argument that has never been made in such detail or with such care.

But Belle points out that the Amazon review claimed:

Impeccably researched and persuasively argued, LIBERAL FASCISM will elicit howls of indignation from the liberal establishment – and rousing cheers from the Right.

Goldberg cannot even bother to read the short Amazon review to realize that this review is arguing his book is “impeccably researched and persuasively argued” so he has to add his book is a “very serious, thoughtful, argument”. It’s sort of like when the Professor would say something and then Gilligan would say exactly the same damn thing.

This claim that the book is well researched and presents a thoughtful argument as Goldberg has never bothered to do any serious research on any topic on which he babbles on and on.