Reader ILSM on Would You Pay a Trillion Dollars to End Pansurgency?

This one is by reader ILSM. I note… his title is: “Would You Pay a Trillion Dollars to End Pansurgency?” I would have named this “How Much Should it Cost to Kill Abdullah?” I’ve alwaus found it makes more sense to put things on a per person basis.


I saw this on the Washington Times page, I go there to see what the Rev Moon is up to these days.

Bad enough people spew on the blogs. A special advisor to the US Air Force chief of staff, paid by you and I, does it in the Washington Times.

Washington Times
March 8, 2007
Pg. 21

By Lani Kass

“Lani Kass is a professor of Military Strategy at the National War College, and is currently on sabbatical as special adviser to the Air Force chief of staff. These views are her own and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of the Defense Department, Air Force or the National Defense University.”

She writes:

“What keeps these threats at bay is the certitude that the United States has the requisite range, precision and payload to strike any target, anytime, anywhere on
the planet. The Navy and Air Force underwrite our long-term security while flying and fighting every day to defeat the global pansurgency, and provide our
undermanned and underequipped land forces a fighting chance of success.”

A couple dozen more B-2’s at $2 Billion a piece; supported by a hundred new tankers, based on old technology Boeing 767’s at a $150 Million or so a piece; with another couple of billion for “support” assets, all dragging along their huge operations and maintenance costs so we do not need rifles, armor kits for hummers and body armor!

Why spend thousands when the industry can make trillions of bucks.

World “pansurgency” a new word!! MS word has not added it yet.

Fight the terrifying pansurgency at a huge,unreasonable cost and nobody asks ‘is the stuff worth the price’ or is the outcome what we expected. The threats always, these extreme threats.

What are the exact threats? Classified I am sure. Better said, “you cannot stand the truth” the threats are contrived. The use of expensive high, tech stuff is not effective and done to justify the profits, not to perform a reasonable strategy other than to sell the high tech approach.

Just how much should it cost to kill Abdullah? A million or two, no price is too high to kill a pansurgent among the warfare state beneficiaries.

Ms Kass apparently does not agree with the Strategic Bombing Study performed after World War II which said the cost and losses of the bombing of Japan and Germany were that effective nor did it contribute to the outcome of the war. Or any war.

Disagreeing with that study is a price of entry to the Air Force

Next she sells a whole new order of battle. That is a whole new set of expensive stuff to meet these awe inspiring threats that we can spend huge sums to counter.

“This yawning gap between global realities and our readiness to provide for the common defense must be closed. Recapitalization and modernization of the military to include true fifth-generation aircraft, capable of establishing the air dominance that is the precondition of all subsequent operations; the tankers necessary to get all our flying assets into the fight; and the helicopters to rescue crews of all services flying against advanced surface-to-air missiles are not discretionary luxuries.”

The implied threats, of pansurgency, if you buy them, and it is easy if you make your living dealing with threats, cause a “yawning gap”!!

A gap so yawning that trillions are small price.

Thank goodness this woman does not influence our children, only our up and coming members of the military industrial complex revolving door.

Not knowing a thing about technical requirements analysis, what the bad guys can actually do, Ms Kass is going to buy a few trillion dollars worth of vital
air power. She cannot have my credit card.

Use fearsome pansurgents to sell a huge technical complex, one that is so important we will never make them pass a test or work to get the money.

And we cannot afford health care…………