The Neocon Case for Fiscal Irresponsibility

It seems that Jerry Bowyer has found a new home to write his incessant stupidity. This offering is called Why I Like Deficits:

When strong nations go to war, they borrow money. Weak nations, not so much. That’s because strong nations usually win, and winning nations usually repay their creditors … Defense is a sort of infrastructure, too. It provides benefits for future generations, just like roads and bridges do. Is it some kind of rip-off that my kid’s future tax bills will include interest payments from the war against Jihadists? Not if we win.

So the fact that that stupid decision on March 19, 2003 to invade Iraq has turned out to be rather costly in terms of Federal spending. As long as we crush those nasty Iraqis, our children will somehow benefit? Bowyer has a very different definition of winning than most of us do. It would seem to me that this stupid decision has insured that our children will not only have higher tax bills but also more global insecurity because of this “gift from God” for Osama bin Laden (his words).