More Magic Tricks for Jonah

Yesterday I helped out Jonah Goldberg by suggesting a magic trick for his little daughter. I got another one. Jonah can show her that if she and her friends stop relying on their parents to provide for them, and instead got their butts in gear and relied on the free market instead, they’ll be rich in no time.

Now, because people with connections don’t really believe in the free market, maybe that’s not a magic trick Goldberg is really willing to see his daughter try. So I have another one for him that I like to call the Reagan. Step 1: take out a credit card and borrow humongous amounts of money. Step 2: force her harder working younger sibling to pay the bill. So what’s magic about that? Well, by this trick, the 4 year old is the one with fiscal discipline. The other one is the fiscally profligate one. Just ask Jonah and his buddies.