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From NY Post 26 Mar 07, Peter Brookes, Heritage Foundation:
Prior to the following statement the author goes through a litany of issues which could, the art of the improbable possible extremely remotely, involve US military force. Including: Iran, Korea and the Formosa Straits.
“It’s hard to believe, but U.S. defense spending remains at historic lows as a percentage of gross domestic product, despite the large budgets since 9/11. This isn’t good for our national security – or fair to our fighting men and women. It’s encouraging to adversaries.”
Somehow Brookes thinks for al Qaeda, he says we are weak in their view because we are only spending as much as when we were fighting the North Vietnamese, and holding PRC and USSR at bay. Totally irrelevant statement, as if we should let al Qaeda tell us how much money to send to Heritage’s sponsors.
Then he assumes everyone does think as he does..
“There’s plenty of blame to go around. Finger-pointing makes for good political sport, but fixing the problem instead of assigning blame is what counts. Congress needs to act quickly. Raising and maintaining our armed forces is its constitutional duty. Anything less than giving our military the wherewithal to take on the challenges to our national security in unacceptable – and dangerous. “
“Unacceptable, dangerous”, what an extension of the baseless blither.

The New York Post is a cousin of the Washington Times.

Here is the issue: